Quarterly Business Magazine

March 2015

Political and Economic Challenges of Myanmar’s Future

For a while, when Myanmar opened after decades of isolation and sanctions, it seemed the government could do no wrong as American and European gove

STEADY STEPS FORWARD: Further Developments in Myanmar Financial Regulation

Viewed as a great, untapped market, Myanmar has been a subject of great interest for foreign investors in the recent ye

Saving Fisheries from Drowning: Myanmar’s Fisheries Overshadowed by Overexploitation

“Our vision is to ensure a sufficiency of fish supplies not only for the present entire national people but also for future generations by conservi

Banking on Myanmar : Nine Foreign Banks Enter Myanmar

The banking sector can be considered as the backbone of an economy.

Legal Matters:

On November 18th, 2014, the Myanmar Ministry of Immigration and Population announced the Permanent Residence of a Forei

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