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In The Trenches Of Reform - The Myanmar Business Forum Seeks To Improve Public-Private Consultation

In The Trenches Of Reform – The Myanmar Business Forum Seeks To Improve Public-Private Consultation Author: John Hancock, John “Jay” Martin, The Su Mon As The 2015 elections loom ever larger in the windshield, fighting flares up again along the Sino-Myanmar border, and students once again took to...

Saving Fisheries from Drowning: Myanmar’s Fisheries Overshadowed by Overexploitation

“Our vision is to ensure a sufficiency of fish supplies not only for the present entire national people but also for future generations by conserving of the fisheries resources with sustainable fisheries at all times.” Thus goes the vision of the Myanmar Department of Fisheries. Since the elected...

Banking on Myanmar : Nine Foreign Banks Enter Myanmar

The banking sector can be considered as the backbone of an economy. An efficient banking sector channels much needed capital to develop important infrastructures and industries in a country, thus spurring economic development. Despite having a vibrant banking sector with 14 foreign banks before...

Beyond Financial Returns: Impact Investment - An Integrated Approach to Realizing Myanmar’s Potential

Impact investing is an investment strategy—for investments made into countries, companies, organizations, and funds—that centers on deliberately and intentionally generating a measurable, beneficial social-economic and environmental impact alongside a financial return. The coalition between the ‘for purpose’ and ‘for profit’ world is often deemed as controversial and impossible, but it is not if the true value of factors such as ‘improved access’ and ‘enhanced opportunity’ are included as part of the obtained return.

New Dawn for Myanmar’s Telecommunications Sector: Hopes and Challenges in the Air as New Players Enter

After President Thein Sein’s government had come into power, improving the telecommunications sector became one of the government’s top priorities. In February 2014, the government gave 15-year operating licenses to two foreign telecommunications operators. Together with two licenses set aside for local telecommunications companies—the incumbent leading operator MPT and the newly reformed Yatanarpon Teleport (YTP), Myanmar will see four telecoms operators vying for the substantial potential market of approximately 51 million people.


How would you measure the impact of economic reforms under the new administration?

Mining In Myanmar

For foreign investors, the Land of rubies unfortunately prohibits the extraction of rubies, and other precious and semi-precious gemstones. However, Myanmar possesses large reserves of mineral ore – many yet to be thoroughly explored. According to the Department of Geological Survey and Mineral...

Human Resources

After decades of political instability and economic stagnation, many competent professionals have reluctantly left Myanmar to survive elsewhere. On the macro level, this brain drain, coupled with the sanctions have hampered the nation and as a result, have deprived it of its invaluable workforce...

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Myanmar ICT sector has seen increased interest from investors as ongoing telecoms reforms promise increased competition in the market and access to 60 million customers, most of whom have little or no access to communication services. While many are looking at telecoms operation and...


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