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Real Estate

One might assume that properties in Myanmar, as one of Asia’s developing nations in the period of a make-over for a democratic transition, would settle for less. Of course then, one would be wrong.The cost of accommodation in metropolitan cities such as Yangon is expensive. In fact, it is even...


The first signs of Myanmar’s economic reforms were manifest in one industry – tourism. Ever since hitting the one million mark in 2012, tourist arrivals have been growing; so much so that government officials are aiming to triple the figure to 3 million arrivals by 2015. It may appear an ambitious...

Office Space in Yangon

With the rapid increase in foreign investors and local companies expanding operations, office space is Yangon is in short supply. There are simply too few hotels and office buildings in the commercial capital to cope with the sudden influx of foreign businesses. Naturally, with demand outstripping...


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