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Draft Private Universities Law Allows Private Universities on Land Five Acres or Bigger

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yangon – The Draft for Private Universities Law has allowed anyone who wants to establish private universities in Myanmar to do so on a land not smaller than five acres.

According to the Draft, written by the Ministry of Education, private universities will need to obtain pre-authorization from the union government and must build on the land at least five acres big, that is recognized, authorized usage, or allowed to rent by the government.

The private universities must also obtain support from respective regional government. If the ownership includes foreigners, the entity must be run in accordance with the Foreign Investment Law.

These private universities are forbidden from false advertising or disseminating political or religious ideologies.

The Draft also mandate licenses for private universities, so investors must obtain licenses.

“According to the Draft, those who have opened schools bearing the title of “universities” will have to register. They must also have at least five acres for the school. However, since the Law is still in the draft form, changes could happen,” a university lecturer said.

After the Pyi Htaung Su Hluttaw has passed the National Education Law, the Ministry of Education has been working to submit the Private Universities Law and other education-related laws in the Hluttaw.

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