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Education Sector in Myanmar Immediately Profitable, Says UK

Posted :
Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yangon – Private schools, English language courses, and skill and vocational training schools are business opportunities in Myanmar that will provide immediate returns since there is a need for education and training in all sectors in the country, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) says.

UK investors are encouraged by UKTI to invest in Education consulting and skill and teacher training businesses as a long-term plan.

“The British education has already got a reputation in the private education sector. The British Council is also successful with its English classes and exams. The private component of the education sector has a lot of potentials to grow,” said a private education entrepreneur.

British education institutes have gained many successes in the private education sector in Myanmar. The British International School has also announced that it will start operation in 2014.

During the current government’s term, the Ministry of Education encourages private education institutes. The ministry is also trying to come up with Private School Law and Private University Law.

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