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Offshore Logistics Stations to be Built

Posted :
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Ministry of Energy has stated that offshore logistics stations will be built within this year to

support oil and gas exploration efforts in Myanmar waters. Expression of Interest was sought in

May and 52 companies, both domestic and international, have submitted their EOI's.

U HtayAung, the PR manager from the Ministry told us that the Tender process hasn't began yet

but it will only allow those who have submitted the EOI to participate. The proposed stations

Previously, offshore rigs and drilling equipment were assembled in Singapore and towed to the

will be larger than one that exists in Thaketa, Yangon and similar to that in Ranong, Thailand.

sites. Should these stations be built, it would eliminate that need.

The exact locations and number of stations to be built are still under discussion and will be made

known at the time of invitation for tender. "It is most likely to be elsewhere but not Yangon",

said a Ministry official. Among those companies expressing their interest are Myint&

companies from Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and China also

Associates, ShweTaung Group, and Parami Energy Group from Myanmar. International

submitted their EOI's. During 2012-13, the Ministry of Energy granted the exploration rights to

more than 20 companies after an open tender.

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