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Ooredoo Expands Network in 13 Townships in Yangon

Posted :
Friday, October 31, 2014

Yangon – According to news from Ooredoo Myanmar, with its network expansions in 13 townships in October, there are now 39 townships in Yangon Region.

“Ooredoo’s mobile network covers 35 townships in Yangon, so we have 95 percent coverage in the city of Yangon. By the end of this year, our network will get even better,” said Thiri Kyar Nyo, Public Relations Manager at Ooredoo Myanmar.

Although Ooredoo’s mobile network claims to cover 39 townships in Yangon Region, only about 25 of them have good quality coverage. The network in the other 14 townships remains under improvement stage.

There are 44 townships in Yangon Region. The quality of Ooredoo’s currently expanded mobile network in 39 townships still leaves much to be desired. The coverage still does not cover some areas, so user interests for Ooredoo’s services remain low.

Also, the company’s network currently covers 17 townships out of 28 in Mandalay Region.

Ooredoo Myanmar promised to build a network that covers a population of 25 million in Myanmar by the end of this year. According to the latest news from the company, it has sold over 1 million SIM cards around the country.

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