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Over 270 Vehicles Sold at Ford Showroom within Last Six Months

Posted :
Thursday, July 17, 2014

The recently opened Ford Car showroom has sold over 270 vehicles during its first six months of operations, according to its press release.

Brand new Ranger Pickups are the top selling class, as it was stated.

Ford was one of the earliest foreign entrants into the Myanmar market, opening its official showroom during the month of October, 2013.

Double Cab pickups, the choice of many suburban drivers, are the fastest moving items, with people from other cities and towns visiting Yangon just to buy them at the Ford showroom. The American company has its showroom near the Thamaing Junction and plans to open another one in Yangon soon. That showroom will be selling 4 types of SUV's in addition to the already popular Double Cabs.

Capital Automotive, a strategic business unit of Diamond Star Company, which itself is one of the leading companies in Myanmar, is the official local representative of Ford.

Capital Automotive also represents Land Rover and Jaguar, offering them in its Yangon showrooms.

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