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Toyota the Most Popular Car Brand in Myanmar, According to Survey

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Yangon – According to a survey by Motors.com.mm, Toyota has the most popularity and the biggest market share in Myanmar’s automobile market.

Toyota tops the survey with 53 percent of market share, followed by Honda with 11 percent and Nissan with 8 percent respectively.

Myanmar’s car owners favor Japanese cars which match the weather and condition in Myanmar and whose spare parts can be obtained easily. The survey reveals that about 85 percent of the cars in Myanmar are Japanese cars.

In last month, Toyota opened its brand new car showroom in Yangon. A company’s official also stated that Japanese brands—with Toyota at the top—were dominating Myanmar’s automobile market.

Korean brands such as KIA and Hyundai, with their unique designs, are also becoming popular among the car owners in the country, the owner of Mya Myintmo car showroom said.

European cars rank the third in the market share, some car showroom owners projected. “European cars are not very fuel-efficient and are very expensive. So, it will be difficult for them to compete with Japanese cars,” a car importer said.

Sitting at the bottom are Chinese cars, which are not frequently found in Yangon’s car market.

Motor.com.mm, which has contracts with over 220 car showrooms throughout the country including four automobile centers in Yangon, conducted the survey based on the transactions on its website.

According to Motor.com.mm, around 90 percent of car dealers in Myanmar use the website. However, among Myanmar’s population of 51 million, there are only over 5 million internet users.

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