Quick Answer: Does Comcast stock pay a dividend?

Comcast Increases Dividend by $0.08 to $1.00 Per Share on an Annualized Basis in 2021. … 28, 2021– Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA) announced today that it increased its dividend by $0.08 to $1.00 per share on an annualized basis, up 9% year-over-year.

Is Comcast a good dividend stock?

Comcast is indeed a solid dividend-paying pick

Sure, anything’s possible, particularly with the spread of COVID-19 still going strong. But the pandemic is arguably fueling about as much new business for this company as it’s taking away.

What is Comcast dividend yield?

Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) Dividend Information

Comcast pays an annual dividend of $1.00 per share, with a dividend yield of 1.72%.

Is Comcast stock going to split?

Comcast also announced that its Board of Directors declared a two-for-one stock split in the form of a 100% stock dividend payable on February 17, 2017 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on February 8, 2017 . … Comcast expects its CMCSA shares to begin trading ex-dividend on February 21, 2017 .

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How do you know if a stock pays dividends?

Investors can determine which stocks pay dividends by researching financial news sites, such as Investopedia’s Markets Today page. Many stock brokerages offer their customers screening tools that help them find information on dividend-paying stocks.

What stocks pay the highest dividends?

List of 25 high-dividend stocks

Symbol Company Name Dividend Yield
EIX Edison International 4.58%
LYB LyondellBasell Industries NV 4.39%
GILD Gilead Sciences Inc. 4.12%
NWE NorthWestern Corp. 4.12%

What stocks pay good dividends?

Best Dividend Stocks To Watch Right Now

  • SoFi Weekly Income ETF (NYSEARCA: TGIF)
  • Realty Income (NYSE: O)
  • AbbVie Inc. ( NYSE: ABBV)
  • Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX)
  • AGNC Investment Corp (NASDAQ: AGNC)


How does Comcast pay dividends?

In accordance with the increase, the Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.25 a share on the company’s common stock, payable on April 28, 2021 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on April 7, 2021 .

Does Apple pay a dividend?

A cash dividend payment of $0.22 per share is scheduled to be paid on May 13, 2021. Shareholders who purchased AAPL prior to the ex-dividend date are eligible for the cash dividend payment. This represents an 7.32% increase over prior dividend payment. At the current stock price of $128.1, the dividend yield is .

What is Apple stock dividend?

As of November 2018, Apple paid shareholders a dividend of 73 cents per share.

What year did Comcast stock split?

Comcast (CMCSA) has 6 splits in our Comcast stock split history database. The first split for CMCSA took place on October 25, 1989.

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CMCSA Split History Table
Date Ratio
02/21/2017 2 for 1
04/11/1988 3 for 2

What’s the highest Comcast stock has ever been?

Comcast – 33 Year Stock Price History | CMCSA

  • The all-time high Comcast stock closing price was 58.68 on May 14, 2021.
  • The Comcast 52-week high stock price is 59.11, which is 1.5% above the current share price.
  • The Comcast 52-week low stock price is 39.83, which is 31.6% below the current share price.

Is Comcast a buy now?

Yes, Comcast is a buy.

Can you get rich off of dividends?

The more shares you own, the more you can earn in dividends. Over time, your earnings will begin to snowball as you buy more shares of stock and earn more in dividend payments. Reinvesting your dividends can also help boost your retirement income.

What percentage of stocks pay a dividend?

Approximately 53 percent of global small-cap stocks pay dividends. If your portfolio is made up entirely of dividend-paying stocks, you are excluding 47 percent of global small-cap stocks. Myth No. 4: Dividends are a reliable source of future income.

What stocks pay a monthly dividend?

Monthly Dividend Stocks

  • Realty Income (O) This is a retail-focused, blue chip REIT that owns more than 6,500 properties. …
  • Main Street Capital (MAIN) …
  • SL Green Realty (SLG) …
  • STAG Industrial (STAG) …
  • TransAlta Renewables (TRSWF) …
  • AGNC Investment Corp. …
  • Gladstone Investment Corp. …
  • Gladstone Land Corporation (LAND)


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