When did BHP go ex dividend?

Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Per share 72.987p (101c) Sign Up Required
Declaration date 15 Sep 2020 (Tue)
Exdiv date 04 Mar 2021 (Thu) 09 Sep 2021 (Thu)
Pay date 23 Mar 2021 (Tue) 24 Sep 2021 (Fri)

What date does BHP go ex-dividend?

The next BHP Group Limited dividend is expected to go ex in 2 months and to be paid in 3 months.

Dividend Summary.

Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Declaration date 15 Sep 2020 (Tue) 03 Aug 2021 (Tue)
Ex-div date 04 Mar 2021 (Thu) 02 Sep 2021 (Thu)

Will BHP pay a special dividend in 2020?

The dividend will be paid on 22 September 2020. On 28 August 2020 we announced to the London Stock Exchange and the JSE Limited the currency exchange rate applicable to the dividend payable in South African cents.

How much does BHP group pay in dividends?

BHP Group Plc (BHP) Ordinary US$0.50

Type Amount Payment date
Final 78.00¢ 25/09/2019
Interim 55.00¢ 26/03/2019
Special 102.00¢ 30/01/2019
Total $1.18

What dates are dividends paid?

The standard practice for the payment of dividends is a check that is mailed to stockholders a few days after the ex-dividend date, which is the date on which the stock starts trading without the previously declared dividend.

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Should I buy BHP shares now?

Is the BHP share price a buy today? According to CommSec, investment banker and broker Goldman Sachs has rated BHP shares a ‘buy’, with a pricing target of $54.20 a share upheld last week. Goldman sees further upside for BHP shares due to a positive outlook on future coal, oil and copper prices going forward.

What dividend does CBA pay?

2021 interim dividend

Commonwealth Bank of Australia announced an interim dividend of $1.50 per share for the six months ended 31 December 2020.

What was BHP highest share price?

BHP Group – 34 Year Stock Price History | BHP

  • The all-time high BHP Group stock closing price was 102.68 on April 11, 2011.
  • The BHP Group 52-week high stock price is 82.07, which is 7.3% above the current share price.
  • The BHP Group 52-week low stock price is 46.90, which is 38.7% below the current share price.

Does BHP have a dividend reinvestment plan?

BHP has a Dividend Reinvestment Plan. Subject to the terms and condition of the Plan, shareholders are able to elect to use their cash dividend for the purchase of BHP shares.

Does Rio Tinto pay dividends?

Rio Tinto pays dividends twice a year, as an “interim” dividend and a “final dividend”. When the financial results for the half year and full year are announced, the level of dividend to be paid to shareholders is also announced.

How long do you need to hold shares to receive dividend?

In the simplest sense, you only need to own a stock for two business days to get a dividend payout. Technically, you could even buy a stock with one second left before the market close and still be entitled to the dividend when the market opens two business days later.

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Will I get dividend if I sell on record date?

Once the company sets the record date, the ex-dividend date is set based on stock exchange rules. … If you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or after, you will not receive the next dividend payment. Instead, the seller gets the dividend. If you purchase before the ex-dividend date, you get the dividend.

How do you know if a stock pays dividends?

Investors can determine which stocks pay dividends by researching financial news sites, such as Investopedia’s Markets Today page. Many stock brokerages offer their customers screening tools that help them find information on dividend-paying stocks.

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