You asked: Is Bank of America a good investment?

Bank of America is a good value with some gusty tailwinds to help it soar. Dave mainly covers financial stocks, primarily banks and asset managers, and investment planning. … Or you could invest that money in a market-leading company that’s among the top performers in the S&P 500 this year.

Is Bank of America stock a good long term investment?

Safety, dividends, and an inflation hedge

In short, BofA is a solid choice for all types of long-term-oriented dividend investors… you know, like Warren Buffett.

Why is Bank of America a good stock?

In addition to its profitability, Bank of America is a well-capitalized financial institution, pays an attractive 2.3% dividend yield, and has been aggressively buying back its own stock (except in 2020, when banks weren’t allowed to do so).

Is Bank of America profitable?

The bank posted a first-quarter profit of $8.1 billion, or 86 cents a share, exceeding the 66 cents a share expected by analysts surveyed by Refinitiv. The company produced $22.9 billion in revenue, edging out the $22.1 billion estimate.

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How often does Bank of America pay dividends?

There are typically 4 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 10.3.

Why did Bank of America stock go up?

The bank has had an impressive run-up since March 2020, performing strongly due to the quality of its loan book and higher investment-banking activity. Even this year, shares have gained 32%, outpacing the 10% rise in the S&P 500.

Does Warren Buffett own bank stocks?

Matt Frankel: He is never really owned Citigroup (NYSE:C), I don’t think, but he sold shares of Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC), and JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) recently to buy more Bank of America. However, Berkshire Hathaway owns a little over 10% of Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) right now.

Why is BOA stock so low?

The decline was mainly due to lower net interest income – down 11% y-o-y, driven by the lower interest rate environment, and a decrease in new loan issuance. That said, we expect the outstanding loan balances to see some improvement in FY2021 due to a recovery in consumer spending levels.

Does Bank of America pay dividends?

Bank of America Corporation today announced the Board of Directors declared a regular quarterly cash dividend on Bank of America common stock of $0.18 per share, payable on June 25, 2021 to shareholders of record as of June 4, 2021.

How much did Bank of America make in 2020?

In 2020, the net income of the Bank of America amounted to approximately 17.9 billion U.S. dollars.

Who is the number 1 bank in America?

How We Make Money

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Rank Bank name Total assets
1 JPMorgan Chase & Co. $3.21 trillion
2 Bank of America Corp. $2.32 trillion
3 Wells Fargo & Co. $1.77 trillion
4 Citigroup Inc. $1.68 trillion

Does Bank of America pay taxes?

Bank of America (BAC) paid Uncle Sam $1.5 billion in income tax, down 26% from last year, even though overall profit soared 30%. The bank said the tax law lowered its effective tax rate by 9 percentage points.

How much does Bank of America pay in dividends?

Dividend History for Bank of America Corp. (BAC)

Ex-Div. Date Amount Pay. Date
9/5/2019 $0.18 9/27/2019
12/6/2018 $0.15 12/28/2018
11/30/2017 $0.12 12/29/2017
5/31/2017 $0.075 6/30/2016

What stock pays the highest dividend?

Here’s a look at the seven highest dividend-paying stocks in the S&P 500, in ascending order, ranked by dividend yield.

  • Iron Mountain (ticker: IRM) …
  • Kinder Morgan (KMI) …
  • AT&T (T) …
  • Williams Cos. ( …
  • Altria Group (MO) …
  • Oneok (OKE) …
  • Lumen Technologies (LUMN)


What is Bank of America dividend rate?

Dividend Yield Range, Past 5 Years

Minimum 1.01% Feb 22 2017
Maximum 3.82% Mar 23 2020
Average 1.84%
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