Best answer: Will Yes Bank share go up?

Bank Change in share price from 6 March 2020 to 6 May 2021
Yes Bank -16.1%
ICICI Bank 25.1%
HDFC Bank 23.4%
Axis Bank 8.8%

Will Yes Bank share recover?

Share of YES Bank lost 13.40% to Rs 12.60 against previous close of Rs 14.55 on BSE. Market cap of the lender fell to Rs 34,826 crore. … The share has fallen 50.34% in one year and lost 22.28% since the beginning of this year. Later, the share managed to recover some lost ground.

Can Yes Bank share reach 100?

Even at its peak in August 2018, 100 shares in Yes Bank cost just ₹39,320. A retail shareholder is defined as those with shareholding up to ₹2 lakh. … High Net Worth Individuals, those whose shareholding is more than ₹2 lakh, own another 4.30% of the stock.

Is it good to invest in Yes Bank shares?

Yes Bank share price today has crossed the Rs 15-mark. It shot up to Rs 15.15 soon after the opening bell. According to experts, Yes Bank will retain its positive bias till it’s trading above Rs 12.50-mark. Importantly, for investors, they recommended a ‘buy on dips’ strategy and pegged immediate support at Rs 15.

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What is the target of Yes Bank share?

with a target price of Rs 10. The current market price of YES Bank Ltd. is Rs 13.64.

Will Yes Bank survive 2021?

Yes Bank on Tuesday revised its growth estimate for India for the financial year 2021-22 to 8.5 per cent. Its previous projection was 10.5 per cent. “While all indications pointed to a stable recovery process before the 2nd wave struck, this is now likely to be pushed back to an extent.

Can I sell Yes Bank share if I buy now?

If you hold more than 100 shares of Yes Bank, you are locked in for 3 years. … From Monday 16th March 2020, whatever new shares you buy, you will be able to freely sell them. This 75% restriction is only on shares you held on the evening Friday, 13th March 2020 and not on new shares that you buy from now.

What is future of Yes Bank?

Furthermore, a YoY growth of 9% in net interest income (NII) owing to interest reversals ordered by the SC makes the immediate future look positive for the Bank. The recapitalization drive at YES Bank generated ₹15,000 crore via follow-on public offers in July 2020.

Is it worth buying FPO of Yes Bank?

The Yes Bank FPO at 50% discount to its current market price opens today. … Given the current chaotic state of the bank, should investors subscribe to the FPO offering a hefty discount. While most equity analysts ask investors to stay away, som analysts believe it is a good buy.

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Should I buy Yes Bank shares for long term?

On Fundamental terms – No, one should not be buying this shares at such high price. It is very much agreed that Yes Bank is a quality company with good prospects and future growth but when it comes to investing, price also plays an important role.

Which bank share is Best Buy?

Summary of Best Banks to Buy now in India

Sr. No. Company Name BSE Scrip Code
1 HDFC Bank Ltd. 500180
2 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. 500247
3 ICICI Bank Ltd. 532174
4 Axis Bank Ltd. 532215

Which Share Should I buy now?

Latest in Today’s Pick

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  • Gujarat Ambuja Exports (₹177.3) …
  • Thyrocare Technologies (₹1,385.6): Buy. …
  • Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail (₹212.1): Buy. …
  • Gujarat Gas (₹678.4): Buy. …
  • Datamatics Global Services (₹156.6): Buy. …
  • The New India Assurance Company (₹174.2): Buy.

What was the highest price of Yes Bank share?

Yes Bank share price on 28 June 2021 ended 0.15 per cent down at Rs 13.65 apiece on BSE, as domestic equity market benchmarks BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 also settled in the red on Monday. In today’s session, Yes Bank share price hit a high of 13.81 apiece and low of Rs 13.62 apiece, according to the stock exchange data.

Which share is best to buy tomorrow?

39 Best intraday tips for tomorrow NSE

Company Intraday trade Stoploss
Infosys Limited – INFY BUY 1549.32
Power Grid Corporation of India Limited – POWERGRID BUY 229.35
Sbi Life Insurance Co Ltd – SBILIFE SELL 1023.42
Tata Motors Limited – TATAMOTORS BUY 309.2
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