How do I remove a shared violation in Excel 2010?

Can’t save Excel sharing violation?

Navigate to the folder that holds the file in question, right-click on it and choose Properties from the context menu. … Click Ok and then Apply to save the changes, then start Excel once again and see if you’re still encountering the sharing violation error when trying to save changes to that file.

How do you fix your changes could not be saved because of a sharing violation?

Your changes could not be saved to ‘ FileName ‘ because of a sharing violation. Try saving to a different file. Note This issue may occur if you repeatedly save the workbook at short intervals.

What is sharing violation?

An attempt to open a file that is being used by another program. In a normal single-user environment, if an application has already called in a file (document, spreadsheet, etc.), and another program tries to read it, a sharing violation occurs.

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How do you fix a shared violation in Excel for Mac?

To get the update:

  1. Open any Office application.
  2. Go to the Help menu and choose Check for Updates.
  3. Let AutoUpdate check for and install updates.
  4. Restart your Mac.

How do you fix a shared violation in Excel?

How can I fix Excel’s sharing violation error?

  1. Enable indexing for the file’s folder. …
  2. Turn on the Sharing Wizard. …
  3. Select Save as to rename the file. …
  4. Save the file to an alternative folder. …
  5. Delete files with CCleaner. …
  6. Uninstall third-party antivirus utilities.


Why is Excel not asking to save changes?

If the save prompt appears when you close, the issue should be caused by Excel add-in. I suggest you exist safe mode, reopen Excel in normal mode, then go to File>Options>Add-ins>Manage COM add-ins or Excel add-ins, Go. Uncheck an add-in at a time, click OK, check if the issue happens.

What is a sharing violation occurred while accessing?

Possible Cause 1: A file is being used by another application. According to Microsoft, this error can be caused by multiple applications running a file simultaneously. Solution. Create a duplicate of the Scan2CAD directory which is in your Program Files.

How do I recover an Excel document that was not saved?


  1. Possible reasons why documents don’t save.
  2. Quick resolution.
  3. Additional resources.
  4. Detailed view of the options.
  5. Option 1: Save the workbook by using a new file name.
  6. Option 2: Move the original worksheets to a new workbook.
  7. Option 3: Save the file as a different Excel file type.


How do I fix file format extensions don’t match?

What can I do if Excel file format and extension don’t match?

  1. Change the file’s extension. …
  2. Select the Open and Repair option. …
  3. Unblock the Excel file. …
  4. Turn off Protected View. …
  5. Open the file in LibreOffice Calc.
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What is Sharing Wizard Windows 10?

NOTE: The Specific people option is the only one available in Windows 10, and it allows you to share the selected item with one or more users, or even groups of users, as well as set individual sharing permissions for each. The previous action opens the sharing wizard, which Windows 10 calls Network access.

How do you solve encountered a sharing violation while accessing Revit?


  1. Save the file in another location (on the local hard drive).
  2. Create new Windows User Account, avoiding special characters in usernames.
  3. Use the Process Monitor to find what applications (other than Revit) are accessing the path: How to use Procmon for troubleshooting software issues.


How do I turn off sharing in Excel?

You can turn off sharing by following these steps:

  1. Display the Review tab of the ribbon.
  2. Click the Share Workbook tool, in the Changes group. Excel displays the Share Workbook dialog box.
  3. Clear the Allow Changes check box.
  4. Click on OK.

Why does Excel show shared violation?

Generally, a sharing violation occurs when a particular file or document is being used by another program. In other words, a file being read by another user causes a sharing violation. … In many cases due to such issues, saving Excel spreadsheet files can not be successful.

What is a sharing violation in Excel on Mac?

One of the primary reasons behind this bug is that the primary extension in which the Excel file has been saved, is different than what has been specified by the file extension itself. That causes conflict which is also why you see the error at the time of saving the file. … xlsx), it throws the violation error.

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Why is Excel telling me I don’t have permission to save in this location?

1. Plese open Finder, right click on the folder where you want to save your workbook > Get Info, check if you have the “Read & Write” privilege to this folder. Or you could simply change the location to the Desktop, see if issue persist.

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