How do I remove someone from share?

In the Share Control, click on the red “X” next to the Friends or Share Group names you want to remove from being able to access your shared information. This will instantly remove the names from your Share Control. Click on the green “Save & Exit” button to save your changes.

How do I remove people from sharing?

Go to settings. Click on Advanced Features. Scroll to “Direct Share”. Turn it off and all contacts are gone from share via.

How do you delete a shared contact on iPhone?

To remove these contacts from the Share menu, open “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad. Tap “Siri & Search.” In “Siri & Search,” tap the switch beside “Suggestions when sharing” to turn it off. Exit “Settings.” The next time you tap “Share” in an app, you’ll notice that the list of sharing suggestions is now gone.

How do I remove someone?

To unfriend someone, do the following:

  1. Go to the person’s Timeline.
  2. Click the Friends button. A menu appears that is for assigning people to Friend Lists. …
  3. Click the Unfriend link. A window pops up asking if you’re sure you want to remove this friend.
  4. Click the Remove from Friends button. Take a moment of silence.
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How do I clear my share history?

So all you have to do is tap and hold on the Messages icon, then hit App info -> Storage & cache -> Clear storage.

How do I delete an Exchange account from my iPhone without losing contacts?

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  1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. The Accounts screen will open.
  2. On the Accounts screen, tap the Exchange Account you want to remove.
  3. Scroll down and click Delete Account. A Delete Account warning window will open.
  4. On the Delete Account warning window, click Delete Account to finish.


How do I change suggested contacts on my iPhone?

Here’s how to turn the suggested contacts feature on and off for your iPhone.

To turn contact suggestions in the share sheet on or off:

  1. Open Settings and tap on Siri & Search.
  2. Then, find the section called Siri Suggestions.
  3. The last item in the list—Suggestions when Sharing—is the one you need to enable or disable.


Can I delete multiple contacts on my iPhone?

Log into the iCloud website, then click on Contacts. Select the contacts you want to delete, holding down the Control button to select more than one at a time. Then either hit the delete key on your keyboard, or click the settings button on the lower left and pick delete.

When you remove someone from Messenger do they know?

If someone is deleted from Messenger, will they know? Yes, they will know.

How do you delete someone from messages?

Tap the group iMessage that has the contact you want to remove. Tap the group icons at the top of the thread. Tap the info button , then swipe left over the name of the person you want to remove. Tap Remove, then tap Done.

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How do you unfriend someone in real life?

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  1. Talk to them. …
  2. If the friend has wronged you in any way, build on that. …
  3. Tell them you don’t like their better half, and that since you know how much they are in love, you are ready to bite the bullet and let go of the friendship. …
  4. Initiate avoidance.


How do you delete iPhone share history?

Find the conversation you want to remove in the Share sheet.

  1. Swipe left on the conversation.
  2. Tap “Delete” when it appears on the right.
  3. To confirm, tap “Delete” again in the popup.
  4. All messages in the conversation thread are deleted, including any videos and photos.


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